Hannah Sindorf

founder, designer, creator

My name is Hannah — a palindrome. It reads front to back, end to beginning. It’s a circle, of sorts. A mirror of itself.

I strive to create jewelry that feels like it has been around for thousands of years; as if they were part of you from the beginning — like an extension of your spirit that cannot be expressed verbally — a mirror of your uniqueness.

As with most beautiful words and stories, ‘halcyon’ traces its roots back to Greek mythology.

The story goes:

After being widowed, Halcyone, daugher of Aeolus, threw herself into the sea. The gods took pity on the pair of lovers and so they were transformed into a pair kingfisher birds and the gods ceased the wind from blowing during their nesting season. Thus, the expression, “halcyon days” was born — originally to describe this period of calm weather during the winter solstice when the mythical birds were able to build their nest floating on the sea.

Now, halcyon is used to express lightness, serenity, a peaceful and golden period of time.

Halcyon Jewelry contains a certain amount of duality; the same duality that exists in every individual. Striking my own personal balance between boldness & whimsy and strength & softness is a constant source of growth and enlightenment. By plucking the petals of the flower until I’ve reached the bud — I feel Halcyon Jewelry has found that balance.

I want my customers to look on their piece of Halcyon Jewelry with zero regrets because the quality and workmanship is clear and present — the design, timeless.

Halcyon Jewelry is ever-evolving and growing, just like each of us. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— Rumi