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— Halcyon —

a mythical bird from the family of kingfishers held in ancient legend to breed at the time of the winter solstice in a nest floating on the sea and to have the power of charming winds and waves into calmness

What's in a name?

Why halcyon?

When I first heard the word halcyon, I didn't know what it meant. It was on a list of beautiful words - most of which I'd never come across.

With a little research, I unearthed two definitions. The first is an adjective via your friends and mine, Merriam & Webster:


  1.  calm; peaceful; tranquil
  2.  rich; wealthy; prosperous
  3.  happy; joyful; carefree

Halcyon seemed like a pretty special word to me. 

The second definition quoted above is a noun that describes the kingfisher, which is especially meaningful to me. 

In the Greek myth of halcyon, the kingfisher builds its nest in the dangers of the sea, on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year.  The poignancy for me lies in the timing of this tale: I watched my father fade away on the night of the winter solstice, in the deep, cold darkness of snowy December.  Not only was it the longest night of the year, it became the longest night of my life. 

My kingfisher has been lost at sea and with him went the lightness, the calm, my carefree youthfulness, a piece of my heart and soul. I could weave all of these symbols together with golden thread in a tapestry the length of my life. His loss was my first taste of true bitterness: the double-edged sword of lightness and abysmal dark. 

From my darkness came strength, wisdom, entrepreneurship, and all its accompanying happiness. I am building my own nest of which Halcyon Jewelry is an essential element.  

As much as the light changes, it still remains. 

Love, Hannah

Halcyon Jewelry is a one-woman show that began shortly after an introductory metal-smithing class and quickly blossomed into the small but busy business it is today. 

After six years of organic farming, I began to touch base with my creative self, which had been neglected since my father's death in 2008. The profound loss I felt after his passing made it difficult to interact with the more emotional and artistic side of my personality. Slowly but surely, the raw sadness began to subside, and I finally feel I am able to connect with my old threads of creativity. Jewelry has brightened my life in ways I am only beginning to see. I feel a deep sense of my self when I create new pieces; they are a true extension of my being and the life I am leading. Some pieces have great symbolism, while others are meant to showcase the beauty of the natural world through rare and high-quality gemstones. 

I strive to create jewelry that demonstrates my innate artistic ability and my ever-sharpening craftswomanship. I believe jewelry should be soundly constructed with great design sensibility and, most importantly to me, excellent wearability. I hope my jewelry conveys my love of the natural world, my unique perspective, and above all else, speaks to your soul and evokes strength deep within you.

I have my mother, the angel Gabrielle, to thank for my very early love of jewelry. Countless mother-daughter moments were spent with all of her jewelry boxes emptied on the bed, twenty rings on each hand, and five necklaces around my neck. And - the funny part - she told me I should make jewelry when I was fifteen years old; it only took me ten years to listen to her advice!

Each piece of Halcyon Jewelry is made entirely and lovingly with my two beaten-up hands. 

Thank you for supporting handmade! Each purchase enables me to live my dream.

Love, Hannah